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Benefits of Trademark Registration :

    • Exclusively Legal Rights: — Registration of a Trademark provide exclusive legal ownership of the mark, along with the legal authority to make commercial uses of the trademark in the categories of goods or products specified.
    • Authority to Use the Symbol ®: — Registration of a trademark empowers the related company to use the symbol ® beside its trademark. This symbol establishes and promotes trust of the consumers, and reputation of the company in the jurisdictional market concerned.
    • Registration Validates the Trademark as an Asset: — Proper and flawless registration of a trademark declares the trademark as a valuable intellectual property asset of the company. This sumptuous asset then can be sold, transferred, licensed, or franchised to other people or entities for royalties in future.
    • Availability of the Trademark in Searches: — Registration facilitates appearance of your trademark in the trademark searches conducted by the applicant companies. This facility fortifies your ownership over the trademark and discourages the chances of the registration of objectionably similar trademarks or trademark infringement.
    • Better and Greater Prominence and Profitability: — A registered trademark or service mark can achieve better and greater fame, popularity, and reliability amid consumers. This in turn, promotes reputation, profitability, and growth of the business of the company.
    • Rights to Take Prompt and Rigorous Legal Actions: — Only the owner of a duly registered trademark can file a lawsuit against any accused infringer, and thus claim monetary and other compensations for the harmed reputation and commercial losses.
    • Basis for Foreign Registrations: — Registration of a trademark in any country, say India, forms the basis for registration of the trademark in the desired foreign countries, in order to expand one’s business.

Documents Required :

Type of Registration Documents
Sole Proprietorship
  1. Pan Card
  2. Aadhar Card
  3. Copy of Logo
  4. Trade name
  5. Mobile No email id.
  6. Object of Business
  7. Any Registration Certificate (Like GST Certificate, etc.)
  8. MSME (For Private Limited company, LLP, Partnership, OPC, etc.)
NOTE : Once Service is confirmed, email above documents at
Trademark Registration may take a time as long as 12 Month or more.

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