Cancellation and Refund Policy

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations must be requested at our email before the delivery of services. Once the service is delivered, cancellation request can’t be accepted because services are not reversible.

Please Note: All the cancellations will be accepted before the date & Time of delivery of ordered services.


Due to the digital nature of our trainings, Services and software, we are unable to provide refunds on any purchases. However, helpgini team may evaluate the case and Refund full or Part if service delivery is not found as agreed. In case of refund the final refund instructions shall be issued to the customer within 5-7 days and the amount shall reflect into the originally debiting account or card within next 3-5 days.

Although it actually never happened, accounts cancelled/terminated by, for violating our terms of service, do not qualify for a refund. For example, if your account is cancelled due to spamming, you will not be given any refund. We believe strongly in upholding good and morale etiquette in ALL of our online proceedings and encourage our clients to do the same.

How to Contact Us

If you feel that you were inappropriately charged for a service or product, or would like to speak to someone about a refund for a different reason, please submit an email support ticket to consulting@helpgini.comĀ